There are two types of carpet’s to know about if you plan on getting your floor’s redone: commercial carpets and residential carpet. The differences between the two are not that obvious but can be seen in both the styles and colours as well as the plush aspect.

Residential carpets are better for comfort and style; they tend to look more colourful or have designs. They are also a lot softer and are thicker padding-wise. Because of this, these carpets are better for houses with children who may fall down or run around. They are generally made to be comfortable and plush.

Commercial carpets, on the other hand, are made to help the economy; they are made to make money. These carpets are not as soft or plush, and tend to be more plain looking. They are durable, despite not being soft or thick, and are manufactured to make money off of them. They tend to be made from nylon because it is easier to clean and lasts longer than residential carpeting.

If you are going for a more durable and long-lasting carpet, then commercial is best. But, if you are looking for a comfortable and stylish carpet, then residential is the best option. At Carpet City we offer both. Visit us our store or call us today to view our wide selection of carpets.