This is a type of heavy-duty flooring that is used in corporate and industrial settings. Commercial flooring is made of material that offers a combination of cost-efficiency, visual appeal, durability, and practical maintainability. These types of flooring can be made of fabricated stone like ceramic tiling, laminates, vinyl, carpet, concrete, and rubber. Before choosing commercial flooring, you should first consider the types of demands that are going to be put on the flooring. Some of the more popular flooring are vinyl and laminate because they are stain-resistant, low-maintenance, cost effective and durable. They also come in attractive colors and patterns.

For construction, concrete is used for its affordability and durability and is frequently covered with carpet or vinyl. In retail stores, the bare look of concrete is gaining popularity. For exercise, sporting, industrial, hospital, and school settings rubber is a popular choice because of their natural insulation and cushioning. Its resilience makes it good flooring for high traffic or heavy impact areas. Commercial flooring generally used in hotels and offices is carpet because it can be easily stained making it not good flooring for industrial settings.


For homes, before purchasing residential flooring you need to decide what will fit your budget, the homeowner’s taste, and the room. It runs the gauntlet from carpeting to marble. This type of flooring may be different for each room in the home. For example, putting carpet in the bathroom would not be feasible but it would be in the living room or bedrooms. Vinyl or tile flooring would be the best for a bathroom, along with the kitchen. Laminated flooring is also a good choice. It does not show everyday wear and tear. You can even get laminated hardwood flooring that looks like real hardwood without the expensive price. For residential flooring, you also have hardwood flooring, carpet, ceramic tiling, and much more.

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